Merger & Acquisition

We recognize that M&A transactions are complex endeavors that require meticulous planning and execution. As dedicated M&A specialists, we offer a suite of services designed to guide in the entire sales or share acquisition process. 

M&A Services

  • Tax, Accounting, Financial and Legal Due Diligence: Our meticulous examination of the target company’s financial records, legal obligations, and tax compliance ensures that you have accurate insights for informed decision-making.
  • Labor Due Diligence: Our payroll and Labour teams provide an analysis of the compliance, employees and contractors.
  • Vendor Due Diligence: We identify the strengths and weaknesses of a company for prospective buyers, enabling them to make well-informed investment decisions and we support you in the reorganization of the company aimed at the sale.
  • Data Room Organization: We assist in organizing and managing virtual data room, ensuring secure and efficient access to confidential information throughout the M&A process.

SPA and Shareholder Agreement Drafting

Our Legal Team can support the M&A process providing all the necessaries documentations starting from the NDA, LOI, drafting of SPA (share purchase agreement). A tailored combination of service useful to help businesses legally agreements that define the terms of mergers, acquisitions, or investments, as well as the rights and obligations of shareholders. Our drafted agreements protect your interests and foster successful business transactions.

Negotiation and Closing Support

Our expertise in deal-making and comprehensive understanding of legal and financial aspects make us valuable partners during negotiations and closing phases.

Strategic acquisitions are a cornerstone of growth for many companies in Italy. Success in this endeavor requires the expertise of M&A consultants who understand the intricacies of the process. As your trusted M&A specialist, our Team offers extensive experience in cross-border mergers and acquisitions. By leveraging our services, you can streamline complex M&A transactions, capitalize on synergies, and unlock growth opportunities.

LDP provides Tax, Law and payroll  scalable and customised services and solutions. LDP Professional have also matured a significant expertise in  M&A, Corporate Finance, Transfer Price, Global Mobility Consultancy and Process Automation. 

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