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LDP is an Italian Multidisciplinary Professional Firm

We provide a wide range of different services and solutions for multinational corporations and SMEs: Tax, Legal, Labour, M&A, Corporate Finance, Transfer Price, Global Mobility Consultancy and Process Automation. Our clients are both foreign companies that choose to expand their business in Italy, and Italian companies that would like to invest abroad.
We advise multinational companies and Italian SRM from their incorporation and start-up phase, also providing day-to-day consultancy, compliance and full support during the acquisition process.
With over 27 years of experience in international matters and thanks to the competence of its CPAs, Lawyers and Labour Advisors, LPD is the business partner for Italian business growth.


LDP provides a Tax extensive and comprehensive advising in Italy for multinational companies covering the everyday transactions up to strategic business such as M&A


LDP Lawyers has matured a significant expertise on: Tax Dispute Resolution, Intercompany Agreements, Legal Due Diligence, Share Purchase Agreement, Corporate Finance, Labour 

Company incorporation


LDP Payroll, our dedicated Payroll Italian Team, delivers scalable payroll solutions through innovative technology for of any size’s Employers including Payroll Migration Services


LDP Global Mobility includes many key aspects like the relevant income tax, social security, secondment or assignment contracts and, last but not least, obtaining the visa


LDP Academy offer training in relation to the different  Tax, Legal and payroll topics  including GDPR compliance, ciber risk protection with a special focus on digital innovation


LDP Developers provides solution even tailored related the creation of interactive dashboard connected to the database, Robot Process Automation into the field of Finance, Accounting and Payroll.

LDP is a Member of LEADING EDGE ALLIANCE, the Second Largest World International Association




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Where You can find Us

LDP headquarters are located in Milan, Italy, close to City Life district area. The 1600-square meter building hosts our different professional divisions and includes a co-working area dedicated to innovative startups, a meeting room and an amphitheater at our clients’ disposal.

Why should You Choose LDP

Our 27-year-old experience has allowed us to build strong partnerships and relationships with multinational clients and international providers. Today, our firm’s substantial international reputation is based on specific key points:


1 – Quick rollouts

By working mostly with multinational companies, we have developed a significant expertise in quick rollouts that allow us to move faster in every situation.


2 – Local Legislation Compliance

We provide careful and specific support to foreign investors to comply to local laws and procedures.


3 – Unique Service Provider

From the operative staff to the top management, everyone at LPD moves in the same direction to better serve the customer.


4 – Immediate Feedback

All actions are shared, agreed upon and part of a fully transparent communication aimed at providing immediate feedback to our clients.



Foreign multinational corporations and SMEs choose us for their business in Italy.
Italian companies choose us for their business abroad.

Our Clients say about Us

We are growing very fast in DOCEBO, we need Professionals by our side who provide strategic and day to day consultancy for tax, payroll and cross border matters ; but  this is not enough, we are looking for proactive and innovative advisors, this is why we have chosed LDP, since 2017.

Claudio Erba
Docebo spa

Our Clients say about Us

Along these past 13 years, LDP has supported us in all sort of consulting matters from tax advice, legal including M&A and even payroll. LDP has lately become our main law firm in Italy as well. Among all their strengths, I would highlight their professionalism, flexibility and customer-oriented approach. Throughout these years I became good friends with the partners and some of the staff as well, so there’s always a human warmth on top of the business we do.

Pedro Gomes Pereira
Managing Director Southern Europe

Our Clients say about Us

We have begun our professional relationship in payroll activity with LPD since January 2020.
In these 4 months the LDP staff has been very attentive to respond to our requests and have always advised us promptly on sensitive issues that we had to deal with
LDP responds to our exigences and we have been founding a care and professionalism that makes us sure of the choice.

Caterina Bozzi
Responsabile amministrativo e finanziario, CSR Manager

Our Clients say about Us

Since almost 10 years the professionals of LDP have been assisting our Clients, with the best mutual satisfaction in terms of service quality, reliability, customer care, precision and punctuality.
The Labour Law in Italy is continuously changing, it’s fundamental to have a trustworthy professional Partner that can protect the Company from lawsuits and controversial situations involving employees and the Tax Authority.
Therefore, we feel confident in warmly recommending LDP for assisting Your business in Italy.

Caterina Manzoni
HR Consulting
Managing Director

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