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Considering that the current technological changes are exponentially reshaping business execution processes, we aim to accelerate digitalization by replacing human action through Robots.

What is a Robot? It can be simply defined as a machine that replicates routine human-computer interactions, automating what would otherwise be tedious, lengthy and repetitive tasks.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) makes digital transformation “dreams” possible.  LDP offers many paths and potential entry points, from standalone software solutions to complete outsourcing services.

Digital transformation also means business analytics service aiming to provide interactive visualizations and business intelligence by creating dashboards connected with API to your database.

LPD Automation Solutions

Even in terms of Automation solutions, LDP can assist you within Tax, M&A, Transfer Pricing and our areas of expertise.


RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a software robot that does what a human does, such as data retrieval and data entry, WEB data capture, access file upload and download, button clicks, invoice processing, workflow and many other tasks.


    Chatbots are dedicated virtual assistants that allow users to interact directly with data using queries voice or text. They can provide basic support to clients and internet users while relieving the company’s staff from repetitive operations.


    Data visualization can be defined as the graphical representation of information and data and, thanks to elements such as graphs, infographics, charts and maps, it allows to obtain an accessible way to see and understand specific information.


    Artificial intelligence technologies include NLG Natural Language Generation, which is able to read and write, and automatic learning (ML Machine Learning).


    Predictive analytics is a statistical technique that uses algorithms to perform predictive analysis and identify potential trends and outcomes based on historical data.

    Business Intelligence tools

    Business Intelligence Tools (also known as BI) belong to the category of application software designed to retrieve, analyze, transform and report data and valuable information to BI strategies.

      Pamela Sciara

      Pamela has matured a significant experience in accounting compliance both in VAT and Corporate Tax. She is an expert in PowerBi dashboard preparation and RPA design development.

      Why Business Intelligent Tools are usefull?

      Business intelligence (BI) tools are software that collects and elaborate a big quantity of data from different sources.

      Customize, visualize, interact with data has the scope of analyzed the KPI, support the decision process, find business opportunity and market trends based on historical data and prediction tools.

      Why a CFO need Business Intelligens tools

      Currently, the major part of the CFO receives the reporting package on excel format, often not in real-time and the report preparation needs effort and time for the data collection and aggregation.

      CFO asks to get this info more quickly and frequently, in the way that the information could be used to make any business decision on time.

      LDP provides real-time data collection from accounting software, ERP, CRM or any database, data aggregation, and visualization with the creation of customized dashboards and KPI. The dashboard could be available from any device.

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