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Innovation is the ability to generate and execute new ideas in every business. Therefore, it is imperative in an ever-changing world to increase skills, competencies, and culture. Thanks to LPD Academy, this can be both a challenge and an endgame.

At LDP, we organize workshops, webinars and dedicated programs that allow you to acquire new ideas, new inspirations and help you understand how the impact of new laws could change your organization.

We consider our Academy one of the most pivotal points in our daily job because constant education and relentless updating are necessary tools to provide the best services to all our clients. Innovation necessarily passes through the ability to sense and communicate the evolution of our industry and that of the companies that choose our competence. The LPD Academy aims at this specific goal.


LPD Academy – Activities

Discover LPD Academy: workshops, webinars and dedicated programs allow you to acquire new ideas, skills and inspirations.


Webinars at LDP Academy are executed online and in live sessions, creating high-quality virtual seminars with qualified speakers.


LPD Academy organizes and holds dedicated workshops, as in brief intensive sessions for a relatively small group of people that focuses primarily on Labour, Tax and Legal matters.


LDP Academy organizes network meetings between managers and entrepreneurs to share ideas and information.

Valeria Innocenti

Valeria is the head of the LDP Academy department. She organizes LDP’s events, workshops, webinars and dedicated programs. LDP Academy strives to help customers acquire new ideas and expand their knowledge.

What is global mobility?

The term refers to a function – often within the HR function of a company – that defines a multinational corporation’s capacity to move its employees to offices in different nations.
Services includes expatriate payroll, compensation and benefit privileges, immigration, social security and tax matters.

What does a mobility consultant do?

A Global Mobility advisor works to implement global assignment services for companies and their workers. It involves making sure all relocations and changes go as smoothly as possible and respect the law requirement of both the Country of origin and in the Country of destination.

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