Mastering Transfer Pricing in the Era of EU's Tax Dispute Resolution

Stay ahead in the changing terrain of transfer pricing with insights, strategies, and expertise.


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In an era where financial landscapes are ever-evolving, understanding the intricacies of the EU’s Directive on tax dispute resolution and mastering transfer pricing have become pivotal for businesses

EU Tax Dispute Resolution Directive

Unravel the directive’s implications for Member States and taxpayers.

Transfer Pricing Deep Dive

Understand the components, strategies, and best practices.

Mitigate Disputes

Learn proactive strategies and agreements with Public Administration to mitigate potential disputes.

Expert Insights

Harness LDP’s years of expertise in the domain, and get a sneak-peek into our acclaimed Transfer Price Services.

About LDP Transfer Price Services

LDP offers robust Transfer Price Services that align with international best practices and are recognized by Italian Tax Administrations. Our services encompass:

  • Comprehensive economic analysis with recognized databases: AMADEUS and AIDA
  • Detailed documentation on transfer price: Country file & master file
  • Expert-driven international tax planning & consultancy on value chain restructuring activities
  • Specialized assistance in tax litigation focusing on
  • Transfer Pricing and Permanent Establishment

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