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Unlocking Business Growth Strategies

LDP specializes in company and branch incorporation.
LDP Company Formation Services provides an array of solutions aimed at simplifying procedures and optimizing business development strategies:


  1. Optimal Company Type Selection: Serving as a business development consultant, LDP offers expert advice on selecting the most suitable company type, considering long-term business growth objectives and strategies. 
  1. Facilitation of Escrow Account Setup: LDP ensures compliance with financial regulations and effective business management by facilitating the establishment of escrow accounts for share capital deposits. 
  1. Precise Legal Document Drafting: LDP’s proficient team, which includes proficiently drafts public deeds of incorporation and company bylaws. 
  1. Notarization and Translations: LDP, leveraging its prowess in business strategy, expertly manages interactions with public notaries and delivers certified translations of essential documents.
  1. Comprehensive Shareholder Agreement Formulation: In its role as a business development consultant, LDP safeguards the interests of stakeholders and aligns with the overarching long-term business growth strategies.
  1. Acquisition of VAT and Tax Codes: LDP speeds up obtaining VAT and tax codes, drawing on its acumen as a business management consultant. 
  1. Swift Newco Registration: Drawing on its proficiency in business strategy, LDP ensures prompt registration of the newly established company with the Trade Register, enabling businesses to swiftly execute their growth strategies. In five days LDP is able to register a new established company. 
  1. Banking Services Support: LDP provides guidance and assistance in the opening of bank accounts, streamlining financial operations and facilitating effective business management. 
  1. Registered Company Domicile Services: LDP extends company domicile services, offering a registered office address to fulfill legal requirements and enhance professionalism.

    Expertise in Italian Company Formation and Branch Establishment

    In Italy, the most common limited company types are the Private Limited Company by quotas (Società a Responsabilità Limitata) S.r.l. and the Public Limited Company by Shares (Società per Azioni – S.p.a). LDP also provides assistance in establishing Permanent Establishments (Branch Offices), customizing strategies to bolster business growth.

    With LDP ‘s efficient company and branch incorporation services, businesses can unlock their growth potential. As a trusted business management and development consultant, LDP offers streamlined procedures, expert guidance, and comprehensive support throughout the incorporation process, all in alignment with long-term business growth strategies. Choosing LDP means ensuring a smooth and successful business establishment, underpinned by their expertise in business strategy, due diligence, and tailored solutions.


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