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Sustainability is key for us at LDP. As a Benefit company, we're working hard to improve quality education (UN’s Agenda 2030 goal 4) and protect life on Earth (UN’s Agenda 2030 goal 15). We aim to help the environment in two ways: by reducing what we consume and by making up for the CO2 we produce. We have decided to put money into projects that help nature.

We understand the urgent need for action. So, we're trying to figure out how much energy we use and how we can use less. The alliance with Green Future Project Ltd is assisting us in monitoring the CO2 emissions of our building and finding the biodiversity mix for its offsetting.

LDP Climate Impact
Powered by Green Future Project

Since June 2021, with API connection, we have been able to monitor our consumption. This helps us understand the amount of CO2 consumed in 15-minute intervals and has helped us save money.

These are the values of our positive environmental impact, translated into numbers:


As a first step, we decided to offset our residual emissions through the purchase of certified carbon credits from the Tamil Nadu Wind Farm, actively contributing to the transition towards a renewable energy future.

We have also funded other environmental projects, such as the restoration of the coral reef in Jamaica, which is endangered by climate change and human activities.

In Madagascar, we are supporting a project that involves planting young mangrove trees, which absorb a significant amount of CO2 and protect the coastline.

Additionally, in Ecuador, we are providing funding for another project that focuses on protecting forests, which play a crucial role in preserving biodiversity and combating climate change.

Follow the real-time development of the projects we support:

Thanks to these actions and our ongoing commitment, we're getting closer to our goal of being increasingly sustainable. We're glad to do our part for a greener future. Stay Tuned!