Company formation

Italy has several different options for those wanting to run a business in Italy. The most common limited companies in Italy are Srl and Spa.

Here are some informations about our incorporation services and some FAQs

LDP Company Formation Services in Italy
  • recommendation on most suitable form of Italian company type to be incorporated;
  • opening of an escrow account in case of a limited company incorporation;
  • drafting of Public deeds of incorporation and company bylaws, including the aims of the company;
  • arranging Public Notary procedures and certified translations;
  • preparation of shareholder agreement if requested;
  • obtaining VAT and Tax code;
  • registering of a company;
  • opening of a bank account in Italy support;
  • setting up bank accounts;
  • providing company domicile

What are the main types of Italian entities to start a business in Italy?
There are three main business structures:

  • limited liability company (srl)
  • joint stock company (spa)
  • branch office

What are the main features of an srl/spa?

  • an srl is the most popular structure for small to medium businesses;
  • the minimum share capital for an srl isn’t required, but it’s better to start with a minimum capital of €10.000, while for a spa is
    required a minimum of €50.000;
  • the spa capital can be divided into several types of shares, such as related shares, redeemable shares,
    shares with limited voting rights or shares offered to employees;
  • no restrictions on foreign shareholders;
  • accounts and tax returns are filed annually;
  • internal statutory autitors are mandatory for spa but voluntary for an srl as long as certain parameters are
    not exceeded.

What is the minimum number of directors of an srl /spa?
A sole director or a board of directors is required for a srl or spa.

What is the minimum number of shareholders of an srl /spa?
A sole shareholder is permissable for an srl and spa.

What is corporate tax rate in Italy?
Italian tax law requires companies to pay corporate tax, knows as “IRES” at 27,5% and regional tax, know as “IRAP” 3.9% (both rate correct July 2012)

Who is Italy’s Trade Register?
The institution in charge of company registration in Italy is the Register of Enterprises of Italy, regulated by
the Chamber of Commerce. Its main scope is to register different legal structures and store information in permanent databases which are accessible to the public.

What is the rate VAT in Italy?
In Italy, VAT is applied almost for all goods and services, as well as import from outside the European Union.
The general rate of VAT (IVA) in Italy is 22%. In some cases the VAT is reduced to 4% or 10%.

What is the regulatory environment like?
Much more liberal than it used to be. Capital and dividends can be freely repatriated in line with EU rules and
Italy has a number of double taxation treaties. Foreign ownership is permitted in all industries except for defence and related areas.

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