Legal services

The legal department of LDP supports its Clients on daily corporate and commercial matters even for extraordinary activities
such as: intercompany agreement, corporate governance disputes, quota purchase/sales agreement, shareholders’agreement.

Our professionals assist clients in all the following fields:
labour and employment; company law and contracts; Italian Tax authority claim management; renewable energy; commercial litigation and arbitration; real estate; intellectual and industrial property.

Labour and employment

Our labour lawyers supports Clients in managing with Italian employment regulations and all the reforms of employment. We ensure both general and sector-specific advice:
drafting contracts, including special clauses (bonus, Non-compete agreement, Stock Option plan…) independent contractor relationships; collective redundancies; labour litigation; corporate social responsibility; disciplinary proceedings.

Company law and contracts

We provide legal advice and assistance in preparation, negotiation and drafting of commercial agreements governed by Italian or international laws. The legal department also provides legal advice in various areas like construction and engineering field.

Renewable Energy

Our firm offers a wide range of assistance in Italy to support companies interested in doing business in the renewable energy sector. We have gained a considerable experience in renewable energy and our staff works hardly with clients to tailor the most appropriate solutions to help them in succeeding in the Italian market:
legal support during negotiation; financial, fiscal and Legal Due Diligence; legal assistance in drafting investment agreements (MOU – Master of Understanding, QPA – Quota Purchasing Agreement, etc.).

Commercial litigation and arbitration

We support Clients in litigation cases concerning commercial law, insurance, banking, intellectual property, construction and engineering sector, labour and employment field.

Real estate

Our Firm assists clients in negotiation and drafting of agreements for sale and purchase, development, leasing and financing of any type of real estate assets.

Intellectual and industrial property

Professionals support clients in all key aspects of intellectual property law relating to their brand and products. In case of counterfeiting, violation of rights or unfair competition, the legal department provides to manage litigation before all the competent bodies and courts in Intellectual and Industrial property matters, both in Italy and foreign countries.


What different contracts are contemplate in Italian labour legislation?
The Italian labour law provides different kinds of contract depending on sectors. The labour sector has to observe the different collective agreements, except in case of different union agreements.

The different contracts provided by italian law are:
permanent contract; fix term contract; part-time; job on call; apprenticeship contract; staff leasing; freelance contract; contract for occasional work.

What kind of intellectual property rights could be protected by the Italian law?
The intellectual property rights concern all trademarks, patents, models, software legally registered.

Which is the specific Italian code regarding the Intellectual and Industrial property matters?
In Italy the intellectual and industry property matters are regulated by the law on “Proprietà Intellettuale e concorrenza” contained in the Codice per la Proprietà Industriale, modified by the Law Decree 13 August 2010, n. 131.

How many judicial levels there are in the Italian legislation?
There are three judicial levels in the Italian legislation before consider the process complete.

What is the Italian code that holds the commercial sector?
The commercial sector is regulated by the Italian Civil Code.

About us

LDP Tax & Law is a tax & law firm established in 1993 offering a full range of professional services for multinational companies doing business in Italy. These services include company formation in Italy, accounting system setting up, bookkeeping, tax and vat compliance financial reporting packs (IFRS, US GAAP, Italian GAAP), preparation of employment contracts, payroll management, transfer pricing documentation, corporate finance, legal advice, audit, immigration. and more. Our services allow our clients to focus on developing their businesses in Italy saving time and money. Our One-point-of-Contact business model effectively and efficiently matches your requirements with tailor-made solutions, saving you valuable time and resources. LDP will support you every step of the way in doing business in Italy.

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