We offer an array of Payroll Legal Advisory Services, tailored to meet different needs of employers across various areas. At LDP, our Labour Lawyers and Labor Consultants works closely with the Payroll Team  to provide the most complete service possible, ensuring legal compliance and facilitating optimal workplace management.

Legal Labour Advice Service

  • Drafting Employment Contracts: our Team specializes in drafting tailored employment contracts for diverse employee categories, ensuring alignment with the relevant National Bargaining Agreements. We draft contracts for executives, managers, and employees. Our experts everyday deal with clauses like non-compete and confidentiality agreements, all aligned with your unique business requisites.
  • Self-Employment Contracts: from onboarding to contract termination, we manage the entire spectrum of the employer-contractor relationship. This includes drafting contractor agreements, ensuring legal coverage.
  • Stock Option and Restricted Stock Unit Plans: leveraging our expertise, we assist in developing and implementing Stock Option and RSU Plans, fostering employee engagement and motivation. Additionally, we extend our services to crafting corporate welfare programs and other employee-centric initiatives.
  • Policies and Handbooks: our team creates comprehensive policies and handbooks that encompass all aspects of employment regulations. These documents are useful as pivotal references, ensuring clarity and consistency in your workplace policies.
  • Employment Relationship Management: we provide assistance in managing employer-employee relationships, dealing with disciplinary actions, job transfers, changes in roles and contractual conditions. Our solutions are aligned with labour laws.
  • Day-to-Day Consultancy:
    our team offers timely and pragmatic legal guidance on a spectrum of employment-related issues, empowering you to navigate these matters adeptly and make informed decisions.
  • Collective Layoffs and CIGS Procedures: in cases of collective layoffs, we provide comprehensive guidance on legal procedures, including those related to “CIGS” and employee mobility. Our support ensures legal compliance and minimizes potential disputes.
  • Labour Due Diligence: we conduct due diligence to assess labour law compliance, identifying areas that may necessitate attention or improvement within your organization.
  • Trade Union Relationship Management: we provide expert guidance in managing relations with trade unions, fostering collaborative and productive interactions while ensuring compliance with legal mandates.
  • Employment Dispute Resolution: our seasoned team offers support in resolving employment disputes, leveraging legal expertise to navigate and resolve conflicts, mitigating potential disruptions.
  • Disciplinary Proceedings:
    we provide strategic assistance in managing disciplinary proceedings, ensuring procedural compliance while addressing issues related to employee conduct or performance.

LDP provides Tax, Law and payroll  scalable and customised services and solutions. LDP Professional have also matured a significant expertise in  M&A, Corporate Finance, Transfer Price, Global Mobility Consultancy and Process Automation. 

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