LDP provides an end to end Payroll services related not only the day to day advice, as hereafter better described.

Outsourcing Payroll and HR Administration in Italy

Outsourcing payroll and HR administration to a reliable provider like LDP is a strategic move for businesses in Italy. It not only relieves the administrative burden but also ensures compliance with local regulations, minimizes risks and enhances efficiency. With our more than 31 years of experience and deep knowledge of Italian labour laws and regulations, we are well-equipped to ensure comprehensive payroll and HR administration services in Italy, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations.


Italy Payroll Services

  • Payroll Data Collection and Salary Calculation: We manage and carefully review all data and information input to guarantee precise payroll calculations. This encompasses deductions, taxes, and net salaries in accordance with legal requirements.       
  • Bonuses and Benefits: We compute benefits and bonuses according to company schemes provided, such as maternity leave, vacation time, sick leave, pension plans, life or medical insurance and more.   
  • Pay Slip Distribution via Web Portal and Tax and Social Security Payment: We distribute payslips via an online self-service payroll portal and, on request, we could send them either in hard copy or via email using protected PDF files. , Additionally, we handle employee payments and payments to local statutory bodies.       
  • Help Desk: Our dedicated payroll consultant in Italy or team offers hotline support and guidance to employees with any payroll-related inquiries they might have.     
  • Statutory Reporting: We make sure to submit necessary payroll statutory reports to Italian authorities, such as the Labour Office, Tax Office social and health insurance companies , in a timely and accurate manner, maintaining regular communication with these entities.     
  • Filing of Personal Income Tax: We manage the calculation and submission of personal income tax returns, assist employees in gathering essential information and documents, and provide advice on tax-related matters.   
  • Reporting Package: We create tailored reporting packages as per the agreed scope, along with any specific reports requested by management.


HR Consultancy and HR Administration

By providing support for HR administration activities such as: hiring and dismissal communications, dealing with authorities, hiring contracts and periodical communication with the authorities, but also tasks that require a more specific HR advisory such as management of employees claim, Stock Option Plans and Policies and Handbooks.

We also offer tailored solutions and services designed to improve HR processes and ensure compliance with Italian statutory reporting requirements:

  • Maintenance and Administration of HR files: We organize and maintain all personal files of employees and employers in compliance with statutory requirements in Italy in compliance with GDPR Policy.     
  • Management of hiring and leaving employees: We draft employment contract and necessary documentation, we handle the registration of new employees or leavers with local authorities and prepare contracts, employment-related documents, contract amendments and job descriptions. We ensure compliance with Italian legislation, support the onboarding process, employment-related documents and provide necessary training for the new hires.     
  • Support during Audits and Inspections: We provide guidance and assistance during audits and inspections, prepare all necessary documentation face and resolve disputes. 
  • Other HR Advisory: We offer advisory services related to Italian personal income tax, health insurance, social security compliance, non-residents, international secondment and employee global mobility activities.


User-Friendly Payroll Web Portal

Our intuitive self-service payroll portal for employees and employers empowers employees and employers to independently handle a multitude of tasks, eliminating the necessity to seek HR support and all within a protected digital space. The portal serves as a personalized gateway to retrieve and safeguard payslips, input data collection, submit leave requests, oversee and coordinate business trips or settle travel expenditures.

Features provided by our payroll platform:

  • Distribution and digital storage of salary statements;
  • Transfer of payroll and HR data.

Integration with diverse HR modules:

  • Customized analytics;
  • Payroll Italy support desk: management of inquiries using an online ticketing system;
  • T&A: oversight of timekeeping and attendance;
  • Endorsement of leave requests, scheduling of shifts;
  • Workflow of business travel and expenses.

Labour Law Consultancy

Furthermore, we offer a wide range consultancy support to Hr teams related to labour law and employment matters:

  • Drafting Employment Agreement: We provide assitance in preparing employment contracts, contract amendments and job descriptions, ensuring alignment with the relevant National Bargaining Agreements. From onboarding to contract termination, we manage the entire spectrum of the employer-contractor relationship. This includes also the drafting contractor agreements, ensuring legal coverage and best practices.
  • Creation and Implementation of Internal HR Procedures: We help design internal HR processes, draft guidelines, policies and procedures, We also provide assistance in managing employer-employee relationships, dealing with disciplinary actions, job transfers, changes in roles and contractual conditions.
  • Resolving Work-related Issues and Disputes: We offer guidance and support on various employment-related matters and disputes, including working time, employment termination, health and safety at work, annual leave, parental leave, employee benefits, , leveraging legal expertise to navigate and resolve conflicts, mitigating potential disruptions.
  • GDPR compliance and Personal Data Protection: We provide consultancy on GDPR compliance and personal data protection to ensure compliance with statutory requirements in Italy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reliable payroll is crucial for business functionality and maintaining positive employee morale. Late or inaccurate payroll can significantly impact the workplace atmosphere and may result in costly penalties for tax inaccuracies.

A comprehensive payroll policy should cover compliance, guidelines for employees, and departmental rules. It should encompass workweek definition, time tracking, break rules, overtime eligibility, pay periods, deductions, wage structures, recordkeeping, etc.

Key considerations include unified pay periods, digital timekeeping systems, staying updated with laws, and utilizing payroll software or services for efficiency and compliance.

It refers to the regular payroll cycle involving employee work, time tracking, gross pay calculation, tax deductions, and issuing payments, covering a typical pay period.

Retroactive payroll adjusts prior payment periods due to new developments or errors, such as incorrect compensations or back-dated pay raises, aiming to rectify past inaccuracies.

Essential requirements include a federal EIN, state and local tax IDs, employee tax documents (Forms I-9, W-4, W-9), dedicated bank account for payroll, a designated payroll manager, a company payroll policy in the employee handbook, and a defined payroll schedule.

Time commitment varies; manual processing can take hours to days, while payroll software can streamline the process within minutes. Outsourcing to a service provider removes the process entirely from internal responsibilities.

DIY with manual calculation, DIY with payroll software, hiring an accountant, and using a managed payroll provider are different approaches a business can adopt based on its resources and needs.

Off-cycle payroll involves issuing payments (e.g., bonuses) separate from regular payroll and must meet the same standards and requirements as standard payroll runs.

It integrates payroll with various workforce management aspects, including onboarding, training, talent management, leave, HR document management, and offboarding for a comprehensive approach to payroll.


Italy Payroll

Arianna De Carlo

Head of Payroll Team

Arianna, Head of Payroll Department, is a labour consultant. She coordinate Team Payroll and Team Software Integration.

LDP provides Tax, Law and payroll  scalable and customised services and solutions. LDP Professional have also matured a significant expertise in  M&A, Corporate Finance, Transfer Price, Global Mobility Consultancy and Process Automation. 

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