LDP provides range of financial advisory services such as indipendent support across various areas, including assistance in the Initial Public Offering (IPO) and strong relationships with prominent private equity funds, enabling us to structure equity participation transactions.

Supporting the company in all its phases, we are also able to provide qualified advisory services concerning governance and other areas that are still part of the management and control of companies. Everything is always focused on the specific needs and strategies of our clients.

Corporate Law Services

Our Team of professionals provides support for all processes leading to Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and the initiation of activities within multilateral trading systems.

  • Corporate structuring within a group: this involves restructuring management, control, financial structure, coordinating business strategy, open innovation and more. We also facilitate the creation of corporate entities, including the establishment of holding companies and the opening or transfer of business units.
  • Corporate Governance: we support businesses in achieving corporate governance practices, aligning internal processes with legal and regulatory standards; in particular, we deal with agreements related to governance or inherent in extensive interests among the company’s shareholders (such as shareholders’ agreements).
  • Preparation of Business Documents: we assist in drafting essential documents, including business plans, information memoranda, books of assumptions, and investor presentations, to facilitate capital market access.
  • Public Offerings: our services extend to assisting with public offerings, including IPOs, financial instrument offerings and listings on stock exchanges.
  • Regulatory Compliance: we provide guidance on compliance with applicable regulations related to companies with financial instruments admitted to trading on multilateral trading systems or recommended by the Italian Stock Exchange.

LDP provides Tax, Law and payroll  scalable and customised services and solutions. LDP Professional have also matured a significant expertise in  M&A, Corporate Finance, Transfer Price, Global Mobility Consultancy and Process Automation. 

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