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Also called “clean energy”, renewable energy comes from natural sources which can be replenished regularly and employs eco-sustainable processes. Typical renewable energy solutions include all the technologies harnessing nature’s power for transportation, lighting, heating.

LDP offers a wide range of assistance in Italy to support companies involved in the renewable energy sector, particularly solar, aeolian and biomass.

Forecasts by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) show that renewable energies have boomed in recent years, suggesting that they will take over from fossil fuels in a much shorter timeframe than most experts predicted. BNEF analysts believe that photovoltaics will supplant coal much sooner than we might imagine. In particular, analysts believe that solar is already much more cost-competitive than new coal plants in the US and Germany and will become so by 2021 in some developing markets that are experiencing high growth rates, such as China and India. But the good news is not only for solar energy: according to BNEF, wind power, whose costs are steadily falling, and natural gas are also attractive investments.


LDP Renewable Energy Services

  • Financial, Fiscal and Legal Due Diligence
  • Drafting investment agreements (MOU – Master of Understanding, QPA – Quota Purchasing Agreement, etc.)