The term “payroll migration” refers to a specific project that includes shifting from one payroll software or platform to another. Therefore, it consists of the very challenging activity of data migration. Today, companies have several options at their disposal to meet their payroll migration needs, but the starting point should always be a careful assessment of the company’s IT strategy to define how to proceed appropriately.

The Payroll migration, especially if it happens during the year, is crucial and should be managed very carefully. That is why it should always include the cooperation of specialized professionals, like those provided by LDP.


LDP Payroll Migration Services

  • Preliminary assessment and a mapping of all payroll peculiarity and customization should be done before the migration process starts so ie: data collection, reports, budget, file for banks payments and ERP accounting recording
  • Analysis of the correspondence of the payroll data with the clause stated in the employment contracts
  • Test on the consistency of the data imported
  • Go live