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by LDP | Nov 23, 2020 | infoflash

New technical specifications for electronic invoice issuing



With Measure 99922 of 28 February 2020, the Inland Revenue communicated the new technical specifications relating to the electronic invoice 1.6 paths that can be transmitted through the SDI interchange system. The technical specifications were updated to Vers. 1.6.1 with the measure of 20 April 2020.


As of 1 October 2020, the SDI system will accept electronic invoices and notes of changes in accordance with both paths 1.5 (current format) and 1.6.1 on an optional basis.

From 1 January 2021, only those formats that comply with the new route plan 1.6.1 will be accepted.

These changes will be essential to allow a clearer preparation of the annual statement and more efficient control of the Tax Administration.

What’s new


New codes “Document type”


TD16 Internal reverse charge invoice integration
TD17 Integration/self-invoice for purchasing services from abroad
TD18 Integration for the purchase of intra-Community goods
TD19 Integration/self-invoicing for the purchase of goods ex art.17 c.2 DPR 633/72
TD20 Self-invoice for regularisation and integration of invoices (art.6 c.8 Legislative Decree 471/97 or art.46 c.5 Legislative Decree 331/93)
TD21 Self-invoicing by splafonamento TD22 Extraction of goods from VAT warehouse
TD23 Extraction of goods from VAT warehouse with payment of VAT
TD24 Deferred invoicing as per art. 21, paragraph 4, letter a)
TD25 Deferred invoicing as per art. 21, paragraph 4, third period letter b)
TD26 Disposal of depreciable assets and internal passages (ex art.36 DPR 633/72)
TD27 Invoice for self-consumption or free transfers without recourse


New codes “Nature of operation”


N1 – transactions excluded from VAT ex art. 15, D.P.R. n. 633/1972 Nothing changes
N2 – transactions not subject to VAT divided into: – N2.1 not subject to VAT according to articles 7 to 7- septies of Presidential Decree no. 633/1972

– N2.2 not subject – other cases

N3 – non-taxable VAT transactions divided into: – N3.1 non-taxable – exports

– N3.2 non-taxable – intra-Community supplies

– N3.3 non-taxable – supplies to San Marino

– N3.4 non-taxable – transactions assimilated to export supplies

– N3.5 non-taxable – following declarations of intent

– N3.6 non-taxable – other transactions not contributing to the formation of the ceiling

N4 – VAT-exempt transactions Nothing changes
N5 – transactions subject to the margin / VAT system not shown on the invoice Nothing changes
N6 – transactions subject to the reverse charge mechanism (for reverse charge transactions or in the case of self-invoicing for non-EU purchases of services or for imports of goods only in the cases provided for) divided into: – N6.1 reverse charge – sale of scrap and other recovered materials

– N6.2 reverse charge – sale of pure gold and silver

– N6.3 reverse charge – subcontracting in the construction sector

N6.4 reverse charge – sale of buildings

N6.5 reverse charge – sale of mobile phones

N6.6 reverse charge – sale of electronic products

N6.7 reverse charge – services construction and related sectors

N6.8 reverse charge – energy sector operations

N6.9 reverse charge – other cases

N7 – VAT paid in other EU countries (distance selling ex art. 40, paragraphs 3 and 4, and art. 41, paragraph 1, letter b, D.L. n. 331/1993; provision of telecommunications, broadcasting and electronic services ex art. 7-sexies letters f, g, D.P.R. n. 633/1972 and art. 74-sexies, D.P.R. n. 633/1972) Nothing changes


New codes “Retention Type”


RT03 INPS contribution
RT04 ENASARCO contribution
RT05 ENPAM contribution
RT06 Other social security contribution




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