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by Arianna De Carlo | Feb 8, 2021 | infoflash



This to inform you that, by 31 March, the annual communication for the monitoring of arduous working conditions with reference to the previous year (2020) must be sent.

Workers engaged in particularly strenuous and heavy work are entitled to early access to retirement and, with regard to these jobs, the employer is required to notify the ITL and the competent social security institutions.

They are:

  • particularly arduous work (Article 2, Ministerial Decree of 19 May 1999), such as:
    • work in tunnels, quarries or mines – all work carried out underground by workers with a prevailing and continuous character;
    • work in air caissons
    • work performed by divers;
    • work at high temperatures;
    • working with hollow glass;
    • work carried out in confined spaces – with a prevailing and continuous character, in particular shipbuilding, ship repair and ship maintenance activities and work carried out continuously in confined spaces, such as crawl spaces, shafts, double bottoms, shipboard or large block structures;
    • asbestos removal work;
  • night work (Article 1, Legislative Decree 66/2003);
  • work carried out by workers on the so-called chain line (Article 1, paragraph 1, letter c), Legislative Decree 67/2011 and listed in Annex 1 of the same Decree):
    • confectionery products, additives for beverages and other foods;
    • processing and transformation of synthetic resins and thermoplastic and thermosetting polymeric materials; production of finished articles, etc;
    • sewing machines and linking machines for industrial and domestic use;
    • construction of motor vehicles and trailers;
    • thermal appliances: steam generating, heating, refrigerating, air conditioning
    • electrical household appliances;
    • other instruments and apparatus;
    • manufacture of textiles for clothing and accessories, etc;
    • manufacture of footwear in any material, even limited to single phases of the production cycle;
  • drivers of vehicles, with a total capacity of not less than 9 seats, used for public collective transport services (Article 1, paragraph 1, letter d), Legislative Decree 67/2011).

To comply, you must be accredited to the system and fill out the online form LAV_US available on Cliclavoro, which the system will then make available to interested entities.

If you are using the Internet Explorer 11 browser or a more recent version, it is advisable to set the compatibility display before proceeding to fill in the communication.

The procedure for accrediting yourself to the system is as follows:

  • fill in the online form with your own data and send it (the printable receipt of completion will be sent by e-mail to the address indicated in the “Contact person” field of the form);
  • the Ministry of Labour will send an email requesting documentation to the same address (if the email is not received, it will be necessary to send a support request through the URP online platform);
  • send to the fax number indicated in the email a signed copy of the identity document of the person carrying out the accreditation (employer or authorised person).

Once you have received your credentials, you will be able to access the system and fill in the LAV_US form, having at your disposal the archive of all the forms sent.

The communications through the LAV_US form are of different types:

  • start chain work;
  • wearing work Ministerial Decree 1999;
  • night work;
  • wearing chain work;
  • heavy work for drivers.

The model, in the section “List of production units where the activities take place”, asks you to enter the indicative number of workers engaged in the activities, among whom you must also include any temporary workers.

In the case of series or “chain line” production processes (repeated and constant activities of the same work cycle, computerised control of production lines, etc.), it is necessary to communicate the performance of the work within thirty days of the start of the activities. The administrative sanction for failure to notify ranges from 500 euros to 1,500 euros.

In the case of night work (carried out on a continuous basis or included in regular periodic shifts), failure to report annually is punishable by an administrative sanction ranging from 500 to 1,500 euros. In order to comply with these obligations, it is necessary to indicate, for each employee, the number of days of night work performed.

A concise guide to filling in the form is available on the Cliclavoro website.


LDP stays at your disposal for any further clarification.

Arianna De Carlo

Head of Payroll Department                                                                                                                                 

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