We are committed to simplify the international mobility of employees and individuals, providing support to obtain residence permits for foreign nationals working in Italy. Our team aims to simplify and optimize a wide range of scenarios that your business could face during this process.

Immigration and VISA Services 

  • Intercompany Transfers: for employees being transferred within the same group of companies, we can assist in obtaining the necessary residence permits, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • EU Blue Card: Italy offers the EU Blue Card, a work permit for highly skilled non-EU workers. We can guide you through the application process, ensuring that all eligibility criteria are met including educational qualifications such as academic degrees obtained upon completion of the three-year courses and which must be validated by the Italian consulate; job offers or contract for a position provided by employer-based in Italy; salary requirements.
  • Contracts and Subcontracting: we provide expert support for individuals engaged in contracts, sub-contracts, and other work arrangements. Our services are designed to simplify the immigration process, ensuring that you have the necessary permits to work in Italy.
  • Elective Residency: for non-EU nationals who wants to move to Italy, our team can provide assistance in obtaining the appropriate permits, allowing the individual to enjoy the beauty and culture of Italy while complying with legal requirements.

LDP provides Tax, Law and payroll  scalable and customised services and solutions. LDP Professional have also matured a significant expertise in  M&A, Corporate Finance, Transfer Price, Global Mobility Consultancy and Process Automation. 

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