LDP offers a wide range of strategic financial consulting services tailored to medium-large companies.

The Corporate Finance department at LDP provides the following services: Business Valuation Services, M&A Advisory, IPO Support & Capital Market.

Through our international network of professionals operating in the global finance area, we are equipped to assist our clients in all operations on a global scale. Specializing in providing consultancy services in extraordinary finance operations, we offer integrated support at every stage of implementation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business Valuation serves various purposes, from financial transactions to strategic decision-making. It aids in mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, or enhancing company performance. Understanding a company's economic capital is crucial for strategic planning and effective management decisions, guiding businesses toward market success. Reasons for valuation include mergers, acquisitions, financing, shareholder changes, and strategic planning. Various valuation methods exist, each tailored to specific goals, business characteristics, and market conditions.

An IPO (Initial Public Offering) marks a company's transition to public ownership, selling shares to the public on a stock exchange. It provides access to capital for growth, R&D, and debt repayment while enhancing visibility. The IPO process involves strategic planning, financial evaluation, investor roadshows, pricing determination, and stock market debut.

 Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) involves allocating the purchase price to acquired entity assets and liabilities. It's pivotal in business combinations, adhering to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS 3). PPA ensures accurate financial reporting post-acquisition, involving identifying assets and liabilities, fair value assessment, and goodwill determination.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) reshape companies' structures and strategies, aiming to increase value. The M&A process, whether buy-side or sell-side, involves phases like targeting, preliminary contracts, due diligence, negotiation, signing, and closing, with each step meticulously executed to ensure successful deal completion.

  • A club deal, originating in the US and gaining popularity globally, involves a group of investors collectively funding investments, primarily in startups or SMEs. It allows investors to pool resources, expanding investment opportunities beyond individual capacities. Club deals differ from crowdfunding, private equity, and traditional funds, offering collaborative investment models tailored to specific ventures and investor preferences.

Tommaso Ferraro

Corporate Finance Manager

Chartered accountant and statutory auditor, takes care of corporate finance with a main focus on business valuation, valuation of tangible and intangible assets, business plan, business modelling, M&A and reorganization transactions.

LDP provides Tax, Law and payroll  scalable and customised services and solutions. LDP Professional have also matured a significant expertise in  M&A, Corporate Finance, Transfer Price, Global Mobility Consultancy and Process Automation. 

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