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Data Visualization tools allow the users to view and play with data dynamically

Data Visualization can be defined as the graphical representation of information and data. Thanks to elements such as graphs, infographics, charts and maps, it is now possible to obtain an accessible way to see and understand specific information. This technology allows to speed up the process of fruition of big data and other essential information thanks to the highlight of the most pivotal resources, in a manner that is incredibly likable to the human eye and immediately comprehensible.

Such Automation tools make complex data more easily understandable. However, they also create deeper education and awareness in the whole work team, in any industry and department: from Administration to Legal, from Human Resources to Marketing, from Supply Chains to Logistics and so on.

The most common types of Data Visualization include charts, tables, graphs, maps, dashboards and infographics.


The main benefits of Data Visualization

  • Better and quicker analysis, even in complex scenarios
  • Prompt action and reaction in strategic and practical terms
  • A more extensive and easier identification of usual and unusual patterns
  • A thorough exploration of business insights
  • Better perception of historical and real-time errors
  • Panoramic view on the most exciting trends