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Chatbots are dedicated virtual assistants that allow users to interact directly with data using queries voice or text and they can provide basic support, while at the same time relieving the company’s staff from repetitive operations.

These Artificial Intelligence tools are designed to simplify the interactions between human beings and computers.

When designed in a state-of-the-art manner, chatbots can easily and optimally simulate a conversation with a human user using a natural language, which can be expressed on several different platforms: mobile apps, telephone, applications, websites and so on.

Chatbots are considered increasingly crucial on an Enterprise level because they are one of the most promising expressions of human-computer interaction, as they represent a natural evolution of the standard Question/Answering system.


The main benefits of chatbots

  • They can gather interesting customer insights and data through their daily interactions
  • They can increase sales and fidelization
  • They can replace human team members in the actuation of repetitive operations and activities
  • They can provide 24/7 availability
  • They can contribute to saving economic and human resources